Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Virtue Triumphs

Why does a whole generation of Americans get their news from Jon Stewart's Daily Show? Because Stewart cuts through the #@%$. A few days ago you saw his take-down of CNBC, a "business" network for hysterical day-traders.

They took umbrage. Tee-hee.

Jim Cramer is a founding inductee in the Gasbag Hall of Fame, and Joe Scarborough is a candidate for the first year class.


Ted said...


troutay said...

I saw it. It was just perfect.
And I am a big fan of Jon Stewart.

Reamus said...

I would add Morning Joe to the Charter Gasbag Class...he still bloviates things he said in Congress lo those many years ago.
Don't miss Thursday..Stewart's bringing the clown on his show!