Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A New World Opens

Our 7-month-old cat, Waveland, probably can't remember being outside. When we adopted him he was a rescue kitten, found in the rubble of Hurricane Gustav in Waveland, Mississippi. Since then, he has braved a Chicago Winter in relative comfort. I say "relative" because I'm sure he would have preferred we turn the thermostat up a bit higher than we do.

Waveland had pretty much got himself into a routine. There's nothing new around here. The only effort he had to expend was to get us to open the right can of cat food, and to play with him on the bed. (See Waveland Goes Overboard.)

And he gained weight without effort. Suellen refers to him as her "kitty in a big boy suit."

But today was a red-letter day in Waveland's short life. With temperatures reaching 74°, a living room window was opened for the first time since his arrival. He was amazed.

And nature cooperated to give him a good show. The neighborhood squirrels were active, the birds were flitting, and a small flock of Canada Geese flew surprisingly low, honking loudly. He can't wait to tell his best friend, Anneliese, all about it.

Waveland will sleep well tonight, dreaming new dreams.


Ted said...

What a pussy cat!

troutay said...

Beautiful cat.

Sempringham said...

That's my friend, Ted, folks! He can't forgive me for not getting a dog.

He has two cats.

Sempringham said...

Thanks, Troutay! Nice to have readers with discriminating taste. Waveland agrees with you.

Jeannelle said...

Cool shot of Waveland....even from the back he looks alert and attentive. He'd just love to jump out that window and chase birds, I can tell that.

Today, we heard and then saw a big flock of Canada geese and snow geese together flying north.

shutterhand said...

I can't forgive you for not getting a dog either. Those windows look like they need some serious attention Bob.:)

Sempringham said...


He kept turning around with his eyes wide open, like a boy who's seen an elephant for the first time, and had no idea such a thing existed.


Actually the windows are finely aged, like leather. The fact that they leak BTU's like a Concorde is a minor thing.