Monday, March 02, 2009

Medical Appointment

Suellen was hospitalized recently, and I'm planning to do a post about that adventure some day. She's been home for a couple of weeks, and is doing great, but we'll be seeing a lot of doctors and nurses for the next year. This is the year we get back all the money we've paid into health insurance for the past 30+ years.

Think I'm exaggerating? Here are some envelopes that came in the mail on one day last week.

I think they could cut medical insurance costs considerably if they just mailed everything in one envelope.

Today we went downtown for some medical appointments. Suellen's doctors are located dangerously near Chicago's shopping Mecca, Michigan Avenue, so you can count yourself lucky if you can get out of there while keeping your spending in the double digits. Here are three pictures I took from the 19th floor waiting room while she saw one of the doctors.

The building with the towers on it is the John Hancock Building. Most of the floors are residential. At the top is a pretty good restaurant with a spectacular view.

Looking down from the same window, you can see the top of the 10-story parking garage. Can you say $35? Luckily, her doctors "validate" parking tickets, so it only costs $10, if you can get out of there quickly.

Finally, off in another direction is Lake Michigan, iced up near the shore. That little building out in the lake is a "fresh" water pump station. If you live in Chicago, it's best not to ask questions. This is a rule that works well in most situations.

After the appointments, we left the car in the garage and took a bus down to the Loop -- a distance of about a mile. Leonard Cohen is on tour and tickets for his show at the Chicago Theater went on sale at 9 a.m. today. The guy at the box office said they had sold "very well" and, in fact, had sold out ... except for the "VIP" tickets, which were going for $500 apiece. If you bought VIP tickets, you got a free copy of Leonard's "Live in London" CD.

We left without "Live in London" CD's. Leonard Cohen's truest fan, who has been loyal for 40+ years -- even during those 20 years when it wasn't cool -- will die without seeing Leonard perform live. Oh, well. Everybody knows the dice are loaded. Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed.

On the way back to the bus, we ran into this guy, who Chicagoans will recognize as a fixture in the city for the past 20 years. He stands on State Street with a Mr. Microphone, usually in front of Marshall Field's, and tells everybody about Jesus. As you can see, he has no problem with having his picture taken.

And that's the story of our day. Not much to report.

Update March 3: Our very, very, good friend Ted found us tickets! Thanks, Ted!


Jeannelle said...

Well, I would say you reported with some great photos of downtown Chicago. Hopefully, the medical report was good for Suellen.

Twice I've been to the top observation floor of the John Hancock building. What a view and ear-popping elevator ride.

Now get busy and report on what Super Hero you are.

troutay said...

I have been to Chicago many times but have never been up that high.
Great photos. Hope Suellen is feeling better.

Reamus said...

Good stuff. The photos bring back many memories.
Hope Suellen is well.

Ted said...

You're welcome, but there was no real effort on my part. It was a one minute elevator ride and a two minute conversation with the concierge in my building.

Leonard Cohen - The musical equivalent of reading "The Road." Enjoy your evening!

Sempringham said...

I wasn't familiar with The Road, so I checked it out on Wiki. Yup, pretty bleak. I think I can take it in 5-minute songs, but maybe not in books.

Ted said...

It's a great book but little dark, to say the least. The movie will be out soon.