Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Bernard Madoff Update

CBS reports that Bernard Madoff is claiming ... that Bernard Madoff is claiming ... oh, read it yourself. I haven't got the stomach to repeat it.

Bernie Madoff is accused of fleecing his clients out of billions, but he said Monday he shouldn't be forced into the poorhouse.

His lawyers are arguing that Madoff should be entitled to keep the $7 million apartment he's currently being held in while under house arrest and $62 million, including $45 million in municipal bonds.

Court papers filed on Monday state that Madoff and his lawyer say the Manhattan penthouse and the millions held in accounts of Madoff's wife, Ruth, are not subject to seizure.

The court papers say Madoff claims the apartment and the money are unrelated to a $50 billion fraud Madoff has been accused of carrying out.
I understand he's not being held in prison because he's not a physical threat to anybody. But surely we can make an exception.


troutay said...

This just burns me up! Poor Madoff!
I can not fathom how this man thinks he has anything coming to him after ruining people's lives.

He should be forced to live in a box under the freeway.

The word of the day is "HUBRIS" yes, in capital letters

Sempringham said...

Troutay, you are right. If Mrs. Madoff winds up living in anything but Section 8 housing, there is no justice in this world.