Friday, March 13, 2009

Most Important Interview of the Decade

My brother Ted, who -- unlike this blog -- actually knows something about economics and finances and who -- unlike CNBC -- actually has a sense of ethics, calls Jon Stewart's interview with Jim Cramer "the most important interview of the decade." That's good enough recommendation for me.

And I think he may be right. If you can't watch the whole thing, at least catch Part 2, where Stewart explains what happened in this economy. I'm sorry about the advertisements, particularly the one for Grand Theft Auto.

Update: After a few days, the embedded videos no longer worked. You can find the videos here.

Thanks for the tip, Ted.

Update: Joe Scarborough stands up for the churners, who I guess are Republicans:

Cramer just sat there and took his medicine. He’s clearly shaken that his fellow Democrats have turned on him. ... He is a loyal Democrat and it depresses him to be reviled by his political allies.

No, it depresses him to realize that Stewart is right, and that he has behaved unethically. Since when is ethical behavior a Democratic-only ideal? Oh, that's right. Since 1980.

Later Update: In an editorial decision worthy of nobody, the NY Times decides to have its lede story about the interview written by an entertainment writer. She misses the point.

Oh, wait. I've now read past the second paragraph. "There isn’t enough regulation on Wall Street, and there’s hardly any accountability on cable news: it’s a 24-hour star system where opinions — and showmanship — matter more than facts." She got that right.

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