Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Judging Sotomayor I

Senator Jeff Sessions, a member of the Southern Strategy Republican "base", accuses Sonia Sotomayor of prejudice. That may play well in some parts of Alabama, but the comic irony of it is too much for the rest of us to ignore.

Update: Kevin Drum states it clearly.
The almost manic eagerness of the right to inject race into the Sotomayor nomination at every opportunity is enough to make you ill. It started within minutes of her nomination being announced, and it's continued ever since. Sen. Jeff Sessions took up the reins today.

There's never been any reason for it, of course. It was ostensibly based on one sentence in a speech and one court decision out of hundreds she's made. In reality, it's just because she's a Hispanic liberal and conservatives figure that a race-based attack is the one most likely to resonate with their base. And I suppose they're right, aren't they?

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