Friday, July 17, 2009

It's 1984 All Over Again

After reading this NY Times piece, my desire to own a Kindle just got set back a few years:
This morning, hundreds of Amazon Kindle owners awoke to discover that books by a certain famous author had mysteriously disappeared from their e-book readers. These were books that they had bought and paid for—thought they owned.

But no, apparently the publisher changed its mind about offering an electronic edition, and apparently Amazon, whose business lives and dies by publisher happiness, caved. It electronically deleted all books by this author from people’s Kindles and credited their accounts for the price.
The rest is here.

Update: There's even more here.

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Bullied Pulpit said...

I have to admit, the irony made me laugh out loud for a solid 5 minutes when I first read about this. Definitely makes me less enamored of the Kindle, though.