Friday, April 03, 2009

Watching Faux, So You Don't Have To

I know the readers of Sempringham are much too classy to watch Faux News, so you may not know who Glenn Beck is. Count yourself among the blessed.

Stephen Colbert gives you a fair idea of what he's about, here:

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Just another in the long, long line of right-wing hysterics.


troutay said...

He reminds me of Tammi Fay Baker with the crocodile tears.
Always weepy about something. At least Tammi's tears were real, you could tell by the way her masara ran.

Bullied Pulpit said...

I watched that when it aired, and I just about fell off my chair when he pulled out the gasmask and shotgun. Glenn Beck really is a world-class nutjob.

Jeannelle said...

Oh, yeah....Glenn Beck.....our barn radio used to be tuned to him occasionally, but not anymore. No way.

Jeff said...

Beck may be a "world class nutjob" but calling him that doesn't promote understanding the phenomena that he represents. I've posted a piece on my blog that offers a little different perspective ....

Reamus said...

The phenomena he represents is world class right wing nut jobs. Case closed.