Thursday, April 16, 2009

Faux Accidently Tells the Truth

Faux News' Megyn Kelly:
You know Brent, it's been interesting because Fox News covered these Tea Parties, and we were one of the only organizations to give it any publicity or p.r. prior to the fact that it happened, and it was so under-covered by virtually every news organization.
Megyn thinks that's evidence of a bias on the part of real news organizations.

Almost 40 years ago I was a cub reporter for The Record, a newspaper in northern New Jersey. And even I, dumb Jimmy Olson that I was, knew that legitimate news organizations don't do p.r. for political causes.


Reamus said...

Would that be the Bergen Evening Record, the newspaper I grew up reading Semp?

Well even Faux reproters get it once in a while...its llike the blind squirrel and the acorn thing.

Sempringham said...

The very same, Reamus. Although they changed the name to just The Record (in the late 1960's, I think -- before I started working there, anyway). They wanted to expand into Rockland County, N.Y., and even Hudson County, and thought the name was holding them back. It was a good paper, with real reporters. I was offered a real reporter job, but turned it down. I often wondered if I should have stayed and become a journalist, but not lately! And I never would have met the lovely Mrs. Sempringham if I had! We lived in Bergenfield. Where in the lovely Garden State did you hail from?

Reamus said...

I do remember the name change a bit later.It was a class paper and they wroked hard for their stories. Newsday reminded me a bit of them when they were invented out on Long island. They both won a buncjh of awards. I think the Record is still doing well...lots of suburban advertising probably helps.

I was born in Brooklyn but raised in Tenafly!We used to engage in regular fights with the Bergenfield football team once a year but as of now I can not remember a good reason why...