Thursday, April 16, 2009

Time to Get Serious

It's time to stop laughing at Faux News and start taking a serious look at them. Watch this Faux "reporter's" dispatch from one of those "tea bag" protests yesterday (all videos here are thanks to Daily Kos):

That was not one of the wackos in the crowd; it was the Faux "reporter" promoting the idea that Obama's policies are fascist.

The NY Times reported yesterday:
In Austin, Tex., Gov. Rick Perry energized a crowd of about 1,000 by accusing the Obama administration of restricting states’ rights and vaguely suggesting that Texas might want to secede from the union.

Secession. Secession! Wow. The party of Lincoln, ladies and gentlemen. It looks like Perry is making a play for leadership of the Timothy McVeigh wing of the Republican Party, which seems to be all that's left. And how does Faux respond? With admiration!

Faux News, which said it was "covering" the tax protests, but not promoting them, was lying, of course. Besides the over-the-top coverage of the puny rallies, consider Neil Cavuto's on-air inflation of the number of people at the Sacramento rally:

Don't like facts? Make up your own!

The ironic thing is that making up your own facts is a lesson learned from the real fascists.

It's time for the real press (those that are left) to take Faux on. They're not competitors in the news business, they're propagandists for people with a lot of money and some very wacky ideas. And their advertisers need to be held accountable.


Ted said...

From the looks of him I realize that the "reporter" in question may not have graduated high school yet but at least he should pick up enough political science credits along the way to know the difference between fascism and socialism. Obama is a socialist, darn it! Not a fascist. That's just stupid. Fox News is becoming a parody of itself.

shutterhand said...

I,m afraid to even watch Faux News anymore. I'm afraid I'll pop a gasket. Maybe this fellow should also look up the word "sedition" while he has the dictionary out.