Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More National Humiliation

Dick Cheney has added his august voice to the Faux chorus, criticizing Obama for shaking hands with Hugo Chavez. But it's even worse than he thought.

From Talking Points Memo:
Fresh off our earlier national humiliation, we just received a note from TPM Reader SR. And SR points out that in the second image of our Obama at the Summit of the Americas slideshow we see President Obama shaking hands with the dog of the President of Mexico. He even seems a bit to be bowing to the dog.
Here it is:

How will we ever recover our nation's dignity after this?


troutay said...

"bowing" to the dog. Well, I think we owe dogs much more respect that these stupid asshat rightwingers.

troutay said...

oops it should read "much more respect THAN......"

Reamus said...

Shocking, just shocking! What will he do next/ Cuddle a cat fer crissake!

"Chainey" is a dope.