Monday, April 13, 2009

Glenn Beck, Boy Idiot

Take a gander at this one:

Is there anyone with an IQ above 50 that doesn't realize an FBI hostage negotiator just might be a good thing to have in a hostage situation? That a live pirate might, just might be a more valuable asset for intelligence purposes than a dead pirate?

The guy has no brain and he has no shame. Who sponsors Faux News, anyway?


Jeannelle said...

Tonight's paper says Glenn Beck is going on a comedy tour starting June 1.

Bullied Pulpit said...

I'm beginning to seriously doubt Glenn Beck's sanity. I mean, Rush is just a shock jock, Bill-O is a self-important blowhard... but I think Glenn Beck is headed off the deep end.

troutay said...

I think they all look like north bound donkeys going south. Jackasses.