Saturday, April 25, 2009

Comic Relief

We have a gruesome landscape before us. Pakistan is looking precarious; Chrysler, at least, doesn't have nuclear weapons. The Republicans are defending torture because "it works".

But Gail Collins cuts through all this to find the essence of meaningfulness: state slogans.


Jeannelle said...

That's a shame....Wisconsin ditching the dairyland slogan. Several years ago the slogan "A State of Minds" was suggested for Iowa. It never got far due to ridicule, but I found it appealing, in a way.

Reamus said...

I'd vote for "Eat cheese or Die" over the current one. After all New Hampshire can "Live Free or Die" whatever the hell that means.

Sempringham said...

My friend Emily wrote offline:

I was in Madison in 1985 & proudly voted for "Eat Cheese or Die." It was better than "Smell Our Dairy Air."