Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What Happened?

Tonight, Frontline is doing a show on the financial crisis, and it looks like it will be good. Here's the promo:

Go here for excerpts.

I love the narrator's voice. That guy can make Mary Had a Little Lamb sound ominous.

One television critic I read said the show was partisan, because it had two Democratic politicians but no Republican politicians. The critic knows nothing about economics, but you've got to write something, I guess.

So in fairness, I will now present the Republican position:

"This happened because we didn't give enough tax cuts to the bankers. We will solve this with more tax cuts. And tin foil hats."

There ya are. Don't ever say we're not even-handed here.

Addendum: If you have enough time on your hands, Simon Johnson has a daunting web site called Baseline Scenario, and it has a helpful page of links called Financial Crisis for Beginners. If you've got a year or two of your life to spare, you could get a real education there.

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Ted said...

That guy should be the voice-over for a documentary on the mating habits of ants. If he said 'good morning' to me I think I'd soil myself.