Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Short-term Senator?

The U.S. Senate keeps statistics for the longest serving Senators, but not for the shortest servers. I guess they're just footnotes somewhere.

Today the Washington Post and Chicago Tribune call for Roland Burris to resign, in light of his apparent perjury.

It looks like the man who wanted one more thing to put on his monument to himself will have two, instead.


Ted said...

First United State's Senator, African American Or Otherwise, To Share A Jail Cell With Governor Who Appointed Him.

PS, I'm taking a page from Fox News' playbook when they captioned Mark Foley as "(U.S. Rep. Fla. Dem.)" that Blago and Burris were both Republicans.

The shame on that party! The shame!

shutterhand said...

I find this hard to believe. Is this monument for real or is some sort of hyperspace photoshop creation? Is it a widely accepted practice to begin work on your tombstone, besides for pharaohs of course, before your demise? I must live on another planet.

Sempringham said...

Ted: I like that sharing a prison cell idea. Poor guy, he could have just faded away peacefully, but his ambition was too great for him.

Shutterhand: It's real. This is Chicago.