Friday, February 13, 2009

Raw Milk Prices

A great thing about reading blogs is that I've "met" fascinating people who are doing interesting things. If, like me, you're a regular reader of Midlife by Farmlight, you've gotten a real education in what life is like on a dairy farm. And suddenly dairy farmers are real people I care about.

So when I heard this NPR story about the downturn in milk prices (something that doesn't usually make the 10 o'clock news in Chicago), it meant something to me. I'm going out to buy some cheese. Wouldn't you like some extra cheese on your pizza?

Update: If you're planning to visit Midlife by Farmlight today, you'd better wear your goggles!


Jeannelle said...

Good of you to post this, but....NO...NO....I want no reminder today of the falling milk prices. Its too evident on our milk checks. It might be OK if expenses fell, too, but they never do. Suddenly, our income is down 30 percent from a few months ago, but all our expenses remain the same or have risen. Just part of the never-ending fun of dairy farm life.

Yes.....go out and buy that extra cheese.....

shutterhand said...

Business is a trying time for everyone right now. I find no one among my friends who is not feeling the pain. Of course, none of my friends wear tassels on their loafers. Those folks all get to keep their jobs and continue on at the expense of waitresses making $8.00 an hour with no benefits. Failure rewarded. Yes big brother, I am pissed off.