Sunday, February 22, 2009

More on Darwin Day

Something I didn't mention in my post about Darwin Day at our ridiculous little church is that (ahem) BBC radio was there.

You can find their report here. The St. John's Church part is at the very beginning (singing Happy Birthday to Charles Darwin), and beginning at about the 14 minute mark. You can slide the slider to that point, if you don't want to hear the whole 30-minute show.

Addendum: I would like to point out that, contrary to what the BBC reporter said, St. John's is not in a suburb of Chicago. We are in Chicago.


Jeannelle said...

The BBC at your "ridiculous little church" very COOL! Thanks for including the audio link; I like the sound of your pastor's voice and her views. Shake her hand for me! Was your voice in there somewhere, too?

I was nodding in agreement when the one guy mentioned being very open to studying the natural world because "God doesn't lie". That describes my feeling on the subject, too.

It could be that eeevolution is creationism in disguise.

Sempringham said...


I was busy taking pictures, so I had to refuse all requests for interviews. If I got any, which I didn't. So you might have heard me saying "hoo-hoo" after the band played, but that's all.

There's this thing we do at Pentecost, where people sign up to read the gospel in a non-English language. The rector starts off in English, and after the first sentence, person two starts off in German while she continues in English, then when person two gets to the end of the first sentence, person three starts off in Spanish while the others continue, and so on and so on until we've exhausted all the languages anybody can speak. I do French. When the whole thing is really going, it's a real cacophony -- you might say a babel -- that is very cool. I bring this up because there is one fellow who speaks in tongues. Now that is definitely not my cup of tea, but he's willing to hang with us, so we're willing to hang with him. Everybody there has a real healthy attitude towards people with different ideas.