Thursday, February 19, 2009

Washington Navel-Gazers

It has been observed here before that the Washington-based media write only for each other and read only each other. Steve Benen at Political Animal has a perfect example.

The President of the United States makes speeches in front of American flags. Imagine that! The economy is going down the commode, and these guys are still writing about lapel pins. You can only read so much before you realize, "My God! These people are idiots!"

If you've got to write about this stuff, it would be nice to see a story about what a welcome improvement flags are over Bush's practice of appearing in front of a backdrop that repeats a reassuring phrase over and over. Like this:

It's all 1984 stuff. Bush would get up there to talk about Guantanamo, and the background would say "Protecting Our Children," over and over again. You can be certain those phrases had been focus grouped, and that people walked away from hearing a test speech about drilling on the continental shelf saying to themselves, "He's protecting our children."

That was the Bush Administration's definition of success.

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