Thursday, January 29, 2009

Blago's Final Hours

I have to admit to readers who don't live in Chicago -- yes, this place is full of little Rod Blagojeviches. To Chicago politicians, it's all about them; what's best for the city or state is a secondary consideration. There are exceptions, but that's the norm. Thus, we read this in the Chicago Sun-Times:

Until recent days, Blagojevich blocked his staff from offering [Lt. Gov.] Quinn [who will become governor when Blago is disposed of] any help on a transition by not providing him with budget figures or any other information, Quinn said.

"I think Gov. Blagojevich put a straitjacket on everyone under his command not to be cooperative or helpful, but when his own staff saw he took off for New York and went on TV predicting his own demise ... they've become much more helpful," Quinn said.

In good times, that "it's all about them" attitude can actually work to our advantage. Like they say, Chicago is the city that works. If you've got a complaint about a pothole or an abandoned car, you call your alderman and it's taken care of. Constituent services is how they get themselves reelected. But sometimes it just turns your stomach.

Anyway, this little episode is almost over:

The Bible is ready. The oath has been prepared. The lieutenant governor and his family are on their way to Springfield. And the current governor's belongings are boxed up and waiting to be picked up at the Executive Mansion.

Not that Blago has much besides a Gideon Bible to pick up at the Executive Mansion. He refused to move to Springfield when he was elected. Better to charge the taxpayers for roundtrip flights from Chicago. Because it's all about him.

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