Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Magic 50

It was reasonable, wasn't it, to believe that Obama's post-convention bounce was over? After all, the press didn't even get to chew over the Democratic convention in the next day's cycle, because McCain chose the day to announce his excellent selection of Sarah Palin as his VP running mate. [smirk]

And with the way the press played along while McCain tried to parlay Hurricane Gustav into a demo of his Commander-in-Chiefiness, and with the Republican Convention coming up this week, it was reasonable for us to assume, wasn't it, that Friday's 49% was the best Obama was going to get in the Gallup Daily Tracking Poll?

Well, what did we know? How were we to know the Palin choice would turn out to be such an unmitigated disaster? Okay, okay, you're right: we actually predicted it. But how could we know it would happen so soon?

So today's Gallup Daily Tracking Poll has Obama at 50% for the first time ever. Looks like Obama is getting McCain's convention bounce!

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