Monday, July 21, 2008

Wisconsin Dreamin'

Sorry for the hiatus, but we were guests for the past 4 days (not sorry about that!) at a gorgeous place in Wisconsin called Mill Pond, getting to spend time with family. Mill Pond is in southern Wisconsin, it has seen a LOT of rain this year, and the pond's water level was very high. If you look carefully under the bench in this picture, you might be able to see that part of the dock is actually under water.

The temperature was high, and the humidity was higher. Outside, the mosquitoes were sharpening their prosboscises. The young, brave, and adventurous had fun building sand castles, playing tennis, fishing, canoeing, and bouncing on a trampoline. Luckily, the house we stayed in had wi-fi, so inside we managed to keep ourselves engaged between games of Scrabble, Go Fish, and Chinese Checkers.

Four computers: no waiting. (Three Macs; one Dell.)

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