Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Our Wonderful Governor

Suellen and I were having dinner with friends at a little restaurant called Jury's last night. It's in a Chicago neighborhood called Lincoln Square that is becoming more and more upscale. Where once there were empty stores, now there are restaurants. But Jury's was there long before. If you visit us in Chicago, make sure we take you to Jury's.

Anyway, we're sitting there having a nice conversation, when all of a sudden who should walk in but Rod Blagojevich, currently governor of the Great State of Illinois.

Illinois has seen its share of governors head to prison in the past few decades, and we're bound to see more. Blago was "Public Official A" in the famous Tony Rezko trial that concluded last month, with Rezko going to prison. Obama was not implicated in anything Rezko did, but Public Official A was. And since the U.S. Attorney here is an upright guy named Patrick J. Fitzgerald, many people expect to see Blago do a perp walk eventually.

When we left the restaurant we couldn't help but giggle. Public Official A had three black SUV's parked outside (one in front of a fire hydrant), with what passes in Chicago as Secret Service agents (you can imagine) standing outside them, speaking into their wrists.

Chicago is a wonderful town.

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