Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Obama in Iraq

Huffington Post has pictures and video of Obama's trip to Afghanistan and Iraq here.

The video of his meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Malaki is particularly interesting ... not the substance of it, which is photo op all the way, but the seating arrangements. Obama is traveling with two other senators, Reed and Hagel, who are technically his seniors in the Senate. Yet, when they sit down with Malaki, Obama takes one of the two center chairs while Reed and Hagel sit along the wall.

The image: Presidential.

McCain should be kicking himself every day for encouraging Obama to go to Iraq. Do you think Hagel has a real shot at being Obama's VP candidate?

P.S. On the same page linked to above is a Department of Defense video of Obama shooting hoops in Kuwait. We could have a President who can swish a 3-pointer!

Update: MSNBC's First Read had this reality test for a Hagel VP candidacy:

Hagel as Obama’s VP? Consider that in what little Obama has said on the process, the Illinois senator said governance matters. Aside from Iraq, Obama and Hagel disagree on virtually everything -- abortion, stem-cell research, gay marriage, energy (he's to the right of McCain -- he's for drilling in ANWR), taxes, education, and so on.

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