Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It's a Long Time to November ...

... but it sure is fun right now!

NBC's political reporter Chuck Todd on Meet the Press says the McCain crowd is worried:

MR. TODD: Republicans are panicked about this trip because they think that this is going to be a home run. And arguably, you’ve got some Obama folks who actually think he ought to come home right now. It’s never going to get as good as it’s gotten in the last 48 hours. You’ve got McCain suddenly in the White House parroting what Obama has been saying in Afghanistan. The McCain folks will say, “Hey, we’re not parroting. We’ve been there before.” But they clearly caught McCain flat-footed there. And then what Maliki did, even in the backtrack statement that the spokes–the government spokesperson over there said, he threw in the word “timetable.”

Video at Crook & Liars.

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