Thursday, March 21, 2013

Musical Interlude – Bach

In commemoration of Bach's birthday, the Air in G performed by the Swingle Singers:

As one commenter said, "Can't you hear that wafting from an open dorm window on a warm and breezy summer night?"

Copied and pasted from YouTube with some modifications:
The Swingle Singers are a mostly a cappella vocal group formed in 1962 in Paris, France[,] with Ward Swingle, Anne Germain, Jeanette Baucomont[,] and Jean Cussac. Christiane Legrand, the sister of composer Michel Legrand, was the lead soprano in the original French group. There are a total of eight members in the group: two sopranos, two altos, two tenors[,] and two basses. In 1973, the original French group disbanded and Ward Swingle moved to London and re-formed the group with new members as Swingle II. They would later perform and record under the name The Swingles[,] and then[] The New Swingle Singers[,] and eventually, simply, The Swingle Singers. Since the London group's incarnation, the group has never disbanded. Members have come and gone and the other members have re-auditioned for the voice part that has left.

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