Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Indulge Me

Because I brag about them endlessly, most of my friends know I have four very talented nephews and two beautiful nieces (also very talented).

Three of the nephews are successful musicians! Two of them are brothers.

The brothers play in a band called Chromatics, which last October was the featured band at the Paris Chanel fashion show.  If I haven't yet forced you to watch the video of the fashion show, consider yourself forced now.

The cool video below gives a behind-the-scenes look their adventure. Adam plays guitar and his kid brother, Nat, plays drums. Other members of the band are Ruth, the singer, and Johnny on keyboards.

Meanwhile, nephew Jason Charles Miller has been taking giant steps in Nashville. I really like his song, You Get What You Pay For:

His latest is The Way You Still Want Me, with a video that's obviously an homage to Robert Palmer.


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