Thursday, September 04, 2008

Sarah's Speech 3

I've posted a lot this morning about Palin, but there's one thing more. Yesterday I saw this at MSNBC's First Read, and thought it was a real insight:

*** Whose party is this? Last night [i.e., Tuesday] had the feel of a party that was still trying to find its groove. Tonight, that will change when the GOP rock star of St. Paul -- Palin -- takes the stage. And judging by the reception she gets, there could be a very real debate on the following question: Whose Republican Party is this -- John McCain's or Sarah Palin's? Talk to the GOP delegates here and it's no contest. This is Palin's party; McCain's just the surprisingly cool guy who "got it" more than these folks thought.
This really seems to have hit it on the head. Did you have the impression last night that the convention got excited about McCain, for the first time, because Palin endorsed him?

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