Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Conservative "Thought"

From Hilzoy at Obsidian Wings:

Every so often, I run across an argument so manifestly absurd that I think: wow, this isn't just spin and deception, this is performance art. Today I found just such an argument, made by Frank Gaffney:

"Speaking of geography, Alaskan territory is also along the trajectory of ballistic missiles launched eastward out of Stalinist North Korea. For that reason, among others, Alaska's Fort Greely was selected as the site for the principal U.S. ground-based defense against such missiles. As that state's governor, Sarah Palin would know more by osmosis – if nothing else – about the necessity for U.S. anti-missile systems than either Messrs. Obama or Biden."

Sarah Palin learned foreign policy by osmosis? Really? I always relied on catalysis, myself: I just drop some zeolytes into my brain, and lo! instant expertise. I had no idea it was possible to do it by osmosis, though on reflection that would explain the large number of grizzly bears who are up to speed on Sino-Soviet relations.

From Wikipedia:

Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. (born 1953) is the founder and president of the think tank Center for Security Policy, as well as a contributor, contributing editor, and columnist for a number of publications, including the Washington Times, National Review Online, WorldNetDaily, and Jewish World Review. He is a leading neoconservative.

In other words, he's one of the clowns that got us into this mess. Small wonder.

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