Monday, September 01, 2008

EMBARGOED--Palin Withdraws from VP Nomination


ST PAUL - Alaska Governor Sarah Palin shocked Republican delegates gathered here today by announcing she is withdrawing her name from consideration as Senator John McCain's vice presidential running mate. Palin said her decision was based on her desire to protect her family, especially her 17-year-old daughter Bristol, from what she described as "vicious, malevolent attacks" by "people who would rather win an election than protect America." The campaign announced Monday that Bristol Palin, who is unmarried, is 5 months pregnant, but comments from both sides of the political aisle have been broadly supportive.

"It is a sad day in this country when a family's personal tragedy becomes the subject of national gossip, and Tonight Show monologs," Palin said in a prepared statement. "I cannot put my family through this."

Sen. McCain simultaneously released a statement praising Gov. Palin, expressing his disappointment at her withdrawal, but support for her decision. According to the statement, Gov. Palin's replacement on the ticket would be announced before the Republican National Convention closes on Thursday.

Several Republican sources close to McCain described the campaign as being "in turmoil." Contrary to the public face the campaign is putting on events, these sources say, Gov. Palin's withdrawal was demanded by Sen. McCain in a meeting one observer described as "the most uncomfortable" he had ever attended.

In the few days since Sen. McCain's August 29 announcement of Gov. Palin as his running mate, a stream of revelations about Gov. Palin's background has raised questions about the thoroughness with which her candidacy was vetted, and about the judgment Sen. McCain exhibited in selecting her to be the person who would succeed him should he not be able to complete his term. Since he introduced her in Lima, Ohio, it has been learned that Gov. Palin is under investigation in Alaska for alleged misuse of the power of her office, was a supporter of the infamous "Bridge to Nowhere," although she told the Lima rally she had opposed it, and most recently that she had been a member, in the 1990s, of the radical Alaskan Independence Party. According to sources, Republican Party attorneys have identified additional issues involving Gov. Palin which would cause the campaign "discomfort" if publicly reported.

Republican sources said Sen. McCain was "furious" about the developments, and blamed Gov. Palin for failing to answer truthfully when staff asked her about impediments to her candidacy.


Okay, Suellen says I should say this is a joke.

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Kris May said...

I admit, I appreciate Suellen's advice on this one, since I tend to be one of those sarcasm-impaired Midwesterners! Maybe you could develop some type of Onion-like icon to alert me and like-minded others of spoof content.
On a separate note, the email reminders have enriched my in-box greatly! I really look forward to anything sent by Nat Felton.