Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Trump and Carnival Culture

David Brooks has a strange but interesting column this morning which concludes:
The sad part is that so many people treat Trump’s tweets as if they are arguments when in fact they are carnival. With their conniption fits, Trump’s responders feed into the dynamic he needs. They contribute to carnival culture.
The first problem with today’s carnival culture is that there’s an ocean of sadism lurking just below the surface. The second is that it’s not real. It doesn’t really address the inequalities that give rise to it. It’s just combative display.
This is a resolution I’m probably going to break, but I resolve to write about Trump only on the presidential level, not on the carnival level. I’m going to try to respond only to what he does, not what he says or tweets. I really wish some of my media confreres would do the same. [Italics are my emphasis.)
The problem with this is that the carnival culture is not just his tweets, it's his whole life, including "the presidential level". God help us.

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