Monday, January 23, 2017

Still Pissed? Do This!

Okay, we've had our march, and it's good to know we're not the only sane people left in America. But now what?

Here's what!

We need to focus like a laser on the 2018 elections: in the House, in the Senate, in the state legislatures. The Democratic Party has done a terrible job being a national party. It focuses only on the Presidential election and leaves the rest to the Republicans, who've been cheerfully collecting enough state legislatures to amend the Constitution or call a Constitutional convention.

We've got to stop them. We've got to build a Democratic Party that's as strong as it was in FDR's day.

Here's a two-step suggestion for getting started:

First, read this. It'll fire you up like you've never been fired up before.

Then, go to a web site called Swing Left. Swing Left was put together by a group who are not professional political people, but are pretty savvy in the use of technological tools.

At Swing Left, you put in your zip code, and it identifies the Congressional swing district nearest to your home. A swing district is one that could go either way in any given election. Many are Democrat-represented districts and need to be defended. The rest are Republican-represented districts that can be and need to be flipped.

Then, you pledge to help make sure that district votes Democratic in 2018 by giving them your email address. They send you weekly information about what's going on in the district, give you ideas on things to do to help, and let you know how to make contributions directly to the Democratic candidate there. What could be easier?

I have signed up to protect the nearest swing district to me, which is currently held by a Democrat, and to help win two swing districts nearby, currently held by Republicans. Oh, it would be so sweet to send them home.

Are you ready, Charlie?


Charlie said...

I'm ready! The two congressional districts closest to me are both swing!

Bob Miller said...

I'm so jealous! I had to go to Iowa-01 and Michigan-04 to find Republicans to make miserable.