Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Did I Miss Something?

When I was a young man I worked for the Social Security Administration in a town called Ironton, Ohio. There were many good things about living in Ironton, like, um, the cost of living was really low, which was a good thing, because my annual salary was $8,303.  Don't feel bad for me, though, because I thought I was rich, and in the most important ways, I was.

Living in Ironton gave me several good stories, which I have repeated in the ensuing years so often that there is probably no one who knows me that hasn't heard them so often that they fail to be good stories.

One of them is this: I interviewed a man whose name was something like John Jones II. John Jones II had a son, whom he had named John Jones II, Jr.

That's the kind of knee-slapper that only an effete East Coast pseudo-intellectual can appreciate.

That story came back to me today when I read a story about one of the slimier right-wing personalities, Dinesh D'Souza. If you're not familiar with D'Souza, it should be enough to say that he wrote an article in Forbes magazine which claimed that Obama's foreign policy was based on his Kenyan father's anti-colonialism. Awesome stuff. Breathtaking scholarship. Forbes magazine. The editors' mothers must be so proud.

Well, D'Souza, as you might have imagined, is an evangelical Christian. And, as you might have imagined from that, he's all for "family values." And as you might have imagined from that, he's been stepping out on his wife, Dixie. Well, that's between him and Dixie and his daughter, I guess.

But get this: the name of the lady he's been stepping out on his wife with is – are you ready for this? – Denise Odie Joseph II.

Denise Odie Joseph the Second? What's with that? When did THAT start?

It appears that "King's College," of which D'Souza is "president," has some problems with DOJ II.

It's easier to feel schadenfreude when there aren't innocent people (current wife and daughter) affected.

10/18 Update: D'Souza has resigned from the presidency of "Kings College," which reportedly netted him $1 million a year. Oh, to be a member of the meritocracy!

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