Wednesday, October 10, 2012


I still recommend a Netflix subscription to people who don't have one, although with less enthusiasm than two years ago. The whole DVD/streaming controversy really steamed me, and the upshot is I'm paying too much for the service now. Although they supposedly have tens of thousands of movies available for streaming, most of it is cr.... uh, not worth watching. So you have to have a DVD subscription if you want to see some really interesting movies.

Another disturbing aspect of Netflix is that they keep track of the movies you've watched, and put them into very weird categories, then use those categories to recommend other movies to you. If you have a 10-year-old girl watching movies at your house, it makes for some interesting choices.

But even excluding that, I had no idea that my movie interests tended to:

• Sentimental Romantic Movies Based on Books

• Comedies Featuring a Strong Female Lead

• Quirky Biographical Documentaries

• Classic Dark Movies from the 1970's

and my favorite so far,

• Heartfelt Independent Dysfunctional-Family Movies.

Not just ANY dysfunctional family movie will do. It has to be heartfelt. And independent.


Bullied Pulpit said...

I've found that streaming is great for TV shows. But you're right, not so good for movies. I prefer TV shows anyway, so the $8/mo my girlfriend and I pay for streaming is totally worth it.

Cape Cod Bob said...

Hi Bob. The price increase at Netflix did leave a bad taste but I haven't changed the plan yet. My daughter in logs in and uses the service for movies and TV with her friends in NYC. I know she uses the service and it doesn't bother me at all. What does bother me is the "recommended for you" section is full of movies that you couldn't pay me enough to watch.
Hope all is well.

Bob Miller said...

Bullied Pulpit: Interesting that you prefer TV shows over movies. Is that a generational thing? I recently discovered Monk, which I was unaware of before, so have something like 10 years of shows to go through.

Cape Cod Bob: Glad to see you! With the 10-year-old watching, I'm just praying that I never get categorized as a man who watches Quirky Romantic Movies Featuring Pre-Teenage Girls.