Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just in Case You Still Don't Think Fox is Doing It Intentionally

I have a dream. My dream is that Obama blows Mitt and Pinnocchio Paul so far out of the water that the GOP finally decides to throw the wackos out of the party. That's some dream, huh?

But really, the country is in real danger if politicians and the press can repeatedly lie and distort and get away with it. .

Steve Benen brings this headline to our attention:

Benen says:
I should note that the headline not only seems to accuse the president of being some kind of traitor, it also underscores a striking ignorance -- Libyan officials are mortified by Tuesday night's violence, support the U.S. presence in the country, and have begun making arrests as part of the investigation into the murders. Under the circumstances, having the U.S. president call his Libyan counterpart to reinforce the diplomatic ties is hardly controversial -- it's no different from George W. Bush calling Iraqi leaders after violence that killed Americans during the war in Iraq.
But the truth is neither provocative nor scandalous, so Fox Nation has to give reality a little touch up. At most news organizations, a headline like this would lead to dismissals. At Fox Nation, a headline like this is called "Thursday." [my emphasis]
Kent Jones has taken to calling Fox's headline writers, "news alchemists." It's a title that's well deserved.

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