Thursday, September 27, 2012

Camera in My Pocket

Having a cell phone in your pocket can come in handy. Here are a couple of things spotted when out walking.

Mitt Romney is infamous for 1) his 47% remark, and 2) making his dog ride in a cage on the top of his car during a family vacation. He defended it by saying the dog liked it up there. Somebody thought that was a good idea for a political comment.

1%rs Only in the Cab

Click on it if you can't make it out.

For months I've been thinking about creating a photo essay showing how the public idea of what's appropriate to do with an American flag has changed. I hate to see somebody wear a flag as a bandanna, for example, but I'm pretty sure it's usually meant to be an expression of patriotism rather than disrespect.

You have to admit it's at least ambiguous, though.

Here's another ambiguous one:

Dumpster Flag

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