Thursday, January 02, 2014

A Tip if You're Lost in the Woods (or Anywhere) with Your Dog

Latest research indicates that dogs poop in line with the Earth's magnetic field.

Now that's what I call Pure Science.

And aren't you glad!

Anybody with a dog ever notice this?


Cape Cod Bob said...

I have a Standard Poodle - a fairly intelligent dog. I promise to check this out.
However, if you are lost in the woods and don't have your magnetically aligned best friend, use your wrist watch. Point the hour hand into the sun. Half way between the hour hand and the number 12 is south. If you have a digital watch, estimate the hour hand and the 12. If it's dark, wait till morning. If you have your dog with you, give it some bran.
Happy New Year

Bob Miller said...

Thanks, C.C. Bob! If I can remember that hour hand trick, it's bound to come in handy. But I'm an old dog.