Saturday, October 19, 2013

Krugman Reads Sempringham

Ah, would that it were so.

Perhaps you remember this post, in which I quoted Kevin Drum's observations about a Sean Hannity/Fox News hilarity.

Paul Krugman was as amused as Kevin:
The other day Sean Hannity featured some Real Americans telling tales of how they have been hurt by Obamacare. So Eric Stern, who used to work for Brian Schweitzer, had a bright idea: he actually called Hannity’s guests, to get the details.
Sure enough, the businessman who claimed that Obamacare was driving up his costs, forcing him to lay off workers, only has four employees — meaning that Obamacare has no effect whatsoever on his business. The two families complaining about soaring premiums haven’t actually checked out what’s on offer, and Stern estimates that they would in fact see major savings.
You have to wonder about the mindset of people who go on national TV to complain about how they’re suffering from a program based on nothing but what they think they heard somewhere. You might also wonder about what kind of alleged news show features such people without any check on their bona fides. But then again, consider the network.
Consider the network, indeed!

Maybe I'm wrong, but am I detecting a new willingness to take on the Tea Party zombies? Certainly not from the likes of Chuck Todd, of course, but maybe real newsmen/women? These clowns almost sent the country into default, and they're determined try again!

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