Monday, September 23, 2013

Health Care

We've been getting good links pertaining to health care from our vast readership, and will be passing them along as we wait for the Republican Tea Party to destroy the full faith and credit of the United States next week, just to make sure nobody gets health insurance.

The first link is a video provided by Emily. "OK, the guy's style is a bit annoying," she writes, "but there are some interesting tidbits in here." Well, he's a little intense, but we enjoyed it here at Sempringham. Don't miss the reference to the PBS program, Sherlock.


Cape Cod Bob said...

My municipal health provider has worked with a Canadian prescription firm for various name brand medications - not generics, not they are bad, but my point is this - it is the little purple pill or the Zocor, etc. We send a three month prescription to a PO Box in Detroit. Someone from the Canadian firm picks up the mail daily. The prescription is sent to England (I hope they do this electronically!) and in a few days we receive the three month script FOR FREE. The cost of the medication is so much cheaper, that our municipal health group pays 100% of the costs and stills saves money for the cost of the medication. How can this be? Big Pharma I guess.
Hope things are well with you Bob. I've been reading but not commenting lately. Happy fall.

Bob Miller said...

Thanks for checking in, Cape Cod Bob, and the same wishes go to you and your family.

And thanks for the information, which confirms that the American health care system is FUBAR.