Sunday, September 08, 2013

Braggin' Time

I've got three nephews in the music biz, and all three are doing great.

How did that gene skip over me? I struggled for months to learn three guitar chords, and my fingers hurt like the dickens.

But this isn't about me.

My solo musician nephew, Jason Charles Miller, made a big change a couple of years ago: from industrial goth to country. And he's made the transition really well. I got a chance to catch his show when he was in Chicago recently, and he was really happy about how things were going. No wonder.

Check out this article.

Calling him a Renaissance man may be going a bit far. That's a term I usually reserve for ... um ... well .......................... myself.

But he sure is good.

From the article:
Getting back to Miller’s album, Natural Born Killer, I have to ask the obvious question: Woody Harrelson or Dexter inspired? Neither. “The title track is a song from the perspective of a bourbon bottle. It’s a cautionary tale of the devil inside of alcohol.” The lyrics are dark and foreboding, foreshadowing a grave finality: “I’m a natural born killer. I don’t need no gun, I like to take my time, there ain’t no need to run, so don’t be scared if you see me there, just throw back another one. I’m a natural born killer, Kentucky’s oldest son.”
I've written before about Chromatics, the band my two other nephews are in.


This month they're playing at the Hollywood Bowl.  Enough said.

[You can click the picture for a better look – at my nephews, of course. (They're on the left.)]

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