Wednesday, August 07, 2013

This Guy's a Real Piece of Work

From Talking Points Memo, an altercation between Anthony Weiner and his Republican opponent for New York City mayor, George McDonald:
Weiner and McDonald, a 69-year-old entrepreneur, got into it prior to the forum, and local news station NY1 captured footage of a portion of their exchange. 
"Don't put your hands on me ever again," said McDonald.
"Really? What's going to happen if I do? You're a tough guy now?" Weiner asked.
"I am. I can defend myself," McDonald responded. 
Weiner then told McDonald to get his "anger issues under control."
"I don't have any anger issues," McDonald said. 
"But you do, grandpa," said Weiner.
The AARP objects to Weiner calling McDonald "Grandpa," but it's offensive way beyond that.  I half expect the next Weiner campaign video to look like this.

I wish Anthony Weiner would just go away. Aside from that, I hope his wife's friends are planning an intervention.

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Virginia Ted said...

Since when is "Grandpa" an offensive term? The other day one of my grandchildren called me "Teddy." Now, that's offensive.