Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Richard Wagner

Today is Wagner's 200th birthday. Not something I celebrate, I assure you.

This post isn't about him, but about Anna Russell's wonderful satire of his Ring Cycle. I'd heard it from time to time on the radio, but today discovered there's actually a YouTube video of it.

If you don't have 20 hours over 4 evenings "at those prices" to see "The Ring," (or the inclination to do so) you might enjoy 30 minutes of Anna Russell telling you the story.


Reamus said...

Absolutely stunning! I have be=never seen her do it but had a CD of this years ago, do you have a website I can get it from, my nieces will die of laughng
Rgds, Reamus

Bob Miller said...

Hi Reamus!

I found them on YouTube: just search for Anna Russell. YouTube limits videos to about 10 minutes, so it's broken up into three. There's a recording of another performance which is funnier, in think, but it was a blurry copy, so I used this one.

Of course, you could just send them the link to Sempringham.