Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Michelle, We Hardly Knew Ye

Michelle Bachmann first came to our attention about six years ago when, at the conclusion of GWB's State of the Union Address, she grabbed him and wouldn't let go.

Since then she's set a new standard for loopiness, been a major face of the New Republican Party, and embarrassed Minnesota to heck and back.

Now, she's gone – or at least, leaving.

What's with the background music on that?

Anyway, it's got to be good for America.

Update: Gail Collins surveys Michelle's loopiness.  The Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act! Thank you, Michelle, for guarding our freedoms.

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Chip said...

Great fun to go to Politifacts and see how many "pants on fire" lies she has told. I am sure all the political cartoonists are crying in their beer at her departure. I am from Minnesota and can only say, "good riddance."