Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Recommended Reading

Two very interesting articles in tomorrow's NY Times:

• Pat Summerall's Obituary

Some bits:
On a December afternoon in 1958, Summerall kicked a 49-yard field goal in a snowstorm at Yankee Stadium to give the Giants a 13-10 victory over the Cleveland Browns and send the teams to a playoff for the Eastern Conference title. The Giants beat the Browns again the next Sunday, then played in the first of three National Football League championship games in Summerall’s years with them.


He was born with a right leg twisted backward. A doctor, trying a novel procedure, fractured the leg, turned it around and then reset it when he was an infant. The doctor thought the child might always walk with a limp and doubted he could play sports.
Summerall’s parents had separated before he was born. When he was 3, his mother no longer wished to care for him, and he was raised by an aunt, an uncle and a grandmother, who inspired him to pursue sports.
 • InsideClimate News won the Pulitzer Prize for national journalism.

But they don't have an office. Or, for that matter, a publication. They have a web site, which has been added to Sempringham's daily reads.

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