Thursday, April 11, 2013

Can't Blame a Full Moon for This

Last night was the New Moon, so we're about as far from a full moon as we can get. So how to explain this?

• Ann Coulter jokingly suggests that John McCain's daughter, Meghan, be killed.  Incidentally, contrary to her statement, Martin Bashir did not suggest killing the children of Republican politicians. But it made a good lead-in to her joke, so what the heck.

• Glenn Beck thinks we're headed for an Obama monarchy, and the 2nd Amendment is the best way to prevent beheading of his subjects. If, that is, you can actually use "thinks" as a verb for Glenn Beck.

• James Imhofe, an actual U.S. Senator from a state that was actually admitted to the Union, said that "Al Gore and the United Nations get most of the blame for what he called a global warming 'hoax,' but filmmaker Michael Moore and billionaire George Soros deserved some credit too."


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