Tuesday, March 13, 2012

New Home Market Looking Up in the Villa

For the past couple of years I've noticed an occasional hawk in my Chicago neighborhood – usually high up in a tree, disemboweling some poor rodent.

This morning the neighborhood listserv reported that a pair was nest-building in the next block. I grabbed my 70-200 and my smaller sensor camera (for the extra distance boost) and headed over there. Hawks are not skittish.

I guess they looked around and figured that with all the pigeons, squirrels, and rabbits that have taken over this neighborhood, they'd never go hungry.

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Chip said...

Great shot and great opportunity, Bob. Time to get that 400mm 5.6 that Canon has. This appears to be either a Cooper's hawk or a sharp-shinned hawk. If it is large enough to grab squirrels and rabbits it is a Cooper's. Also the tail looks more rounded than a sharpie. I'm guessing Cooper's hawk. I look forward to seeing your captures of the family development. Get ready for a lot of noisy crows voicing their protests over your new neighbors.