Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wesley Clark Out

Wesley Clark as been told by the Obama camp that there is no reason for him to attend the convention. You'll find the story at The Washington Note. I guess that pretty much ends speculation about whether he'll be the vice presidential running mate.

I can only surmise that his non-invitation is some sort of punishment by Obama for Clark's declaration of the obvious: that McCain's being a former POW does not instantly imbue him with the qualities needed to be Commander-in-Chief. That statement was twisted by CBS's Bob Schieffer and, of course, Faux, to mean that he did not honor McCain's service. It was all crap. Sorry, I don't use words like that here, but crap it was.

If the story is true (i.e., not a smokescreen) it means a good man is being mistreated.

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