Friday, July 22, 2016

The Republican Convention Odds and Ends

  • Am I the only one that thought Trump resembled Mussolini in the way he strutted, gestured, and preened during his speech? I went looking for some videos to capture what I mean, and discovered that it's been a YouTube subject for some time now, though I think they should all be updated after last night's performance.
  • I know it's not nice to say something mean about a 9-year-old kid, but I was fascinated with watching the face of Donald's son, Baron, as he regarded the great unwashed below his feet.

Baron's on the left
The picture above just captures the typical 9-year-old bored-with-it-all expression.
  • Continuing with my theme of making inappropriate attacks on candidates' children (although she's 21, at least), did you hear that Mike Pence's daughter, Charlotte, is suspected of being a vampire? You laugh? Then you explain why her reflection does not appear in this photo, shared by Governor Pence himself!

Maybe Trump was warning us about a Zombie Apocalypse!


Uncle Ted said...

Scary stuff, for sure. And to prove he will say anything, did you notice how he struck Democratic themes in his ramblings--respect for the hard-working poor, for Latinos, for LBGT community? And the convention cheered lustily.

Virginia Ted

Uncle Ted said...

Did Chip do this?

Chip said...

I'm not that good.