Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Gleaning

Andrew Tobias relates this story, which he admits may be apocryphal:
Shortly after assuming the papacy — or perhaps as he was headed to the swearing in — the Pope was given a tour. A Vatican steward, [sic on that comma, Andy] opened the double doors of an enormous closet and gestured grandly to show his Holiness the raiments he would wear for the various holidays and occasions.  To which the Pope allegedly responded: “Close it up.  Take it away.  The circus is over.”


Chip said...

Are there really 59,000 charities in the country with the word "veteran" in its name? Or is this just Semp pulling a number out of the air? I don't want to go quoting this number to friends and then find out I am a fool, even though I found that out a long time ago. :)

Bob Miller said...

The source is the article I referenced in the NY Times, next-to-last paragraph.

If the Times lies, I lie.