Monday, February 18, 2013

Has Google Maps Been Hacked?

Looking for directions to a local restaurant, I went to Google Maps. The first step I got was:

1. Head south on N Hamlin Ave toward Ulica imienia Grzegorza Brzęszczyszczykiewicza.

Easy for them to say!

I went to Google Translate, and learned that Ulica imienia in Polish is "street name." Grzegorza Brzęszczyszczykiewicza means "Gregory Brzęszczyszczykiewicza."

Haven't a clue where that street is, so I  googled it and the only link was a low-class social web site (is there any other kind?), where expressions of racism are acceptable. Interesting.

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Virginia Ted said...

I think you might be onto something, Bob. I've noticed that a Google search one day doesn't retrieve the same results as the same search later in the same day, and I mean the difference between a term that describes a kind of sauce and a term the describes a kind of cloth. Same term,two searches a few hours apart, no evidence in the second search of prominent results from the first search. It would be quite a feather in some hacker's hat to hack Google.