Wednesday, August 01, 2012

What's the Matter with Texas?

Ian Millhiser at Think Progress offers a profile of Ted Cruz, who will be the Republican candidate for Kay Baily Hutchinson's seat in the Senate. According to Millhiser, Cruz has "considerable intellect." I guess the bar for considerable intellect has been lowered considerably lately. As Millhiser details, Cruz:

1) Believes George Soros is behind a U.N. plot to eliminate golf courses.

2) Thinks Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.

3) Thinks two states can join together to ignore national laws they don't like.

4) Thinks Sharia law is an enormous problem in the U.S.

And my personal favorite:

Cruz’s very first campaign ad encouraged GOP primary voters to support him because he helped make it easier for Texas to kill an “illegal alien.” According to the ad, “Cruz fought all the way to the Supreme Court” after “the UN and World Court overruled a Texas jury’s verdict to execute an illegal alien.” In reality, the case Cruz won had nothing to do with whether Texas had the authority to kill this man. Rather, it concerned whether Texas could defy a treaty requiring it to inform foreign nationals who are arrested of their right “to request assistance from the consul of his own state.” Even North Korea honored this treaty that Cruz fought to undermine.
Something is misfiring in this considerable intellect.

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